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HOT100 2009


HOT100 2009

— De meest getalenteerde studenten van kunst-, media en technologie-opleidingen van 2009.

For Picnic 2009, Virtueel Platform's HOT100 talent programme has joined forces with the Picnic Academy to form the Picnic Academy HOT100.

The HOT100 2009 brings together the crème de la crème of the Dutch art academies, universities and universities of applied science in the fields of design, theory, communication or development skills. These talented students will soon be working or have recently started working in the new media sector.

How to be hot
Virtueel Platform chooses the participants in close cooperation with the new media academies and other academic organisations. They are asked to select their best or otherwise most interesting alumni and near-graduates this year. The HOT100 group contains all those who were put forward. And an interesting bunch it is. What struck us is that many of them have a multidisciplinary background that they enjoy getting their hands dirty, and they like to work in teams. Do check out the individual profiles. This year we decided to invite around 55 people to take part in the event so that we can work in smaller teams. So while there might not be a hundred of them they are still hot!

What will we be doing all day? In the morning we kick off with a gathering of the whole HOT100 group, and two talks by truly smashing keynote speakers from the Picnic programme: Anthony Citrano, co-founder of Pop!Tech, cultural analyst and activist and Rachel Armstrong, medical doctor, media producer, architect and science fiction author. We'll have lunch together with the Europrix nominees - the teams that are in the final selection for the Europrix award 2009 for interactive design.

In the afternoon we'll have six parallel workshops based on new, stimulating projects proposed by Dutch cultural organisations. GuestHost will work on a mobile social, cultural and geographical navigation tool for the Ruhr2010 programme (when the Ruhr area is Cultural Capital of Europe). The VPRO wants to enhance the browsing experience of their Open City archive. 2012Architects will work on a tool that will help visualise and re-organise urban waste streams into sustainable cycles. The Mediafonds will take a fresh look at how to disclose online spoken word, in the light of new web techniques and practices. ImpaktFestival will re-invent the relations between audience and their festival. ButterflyWorks is designing a mobile serious game for Kenya. Subsequently we'll join a matchmaking session, and we'll end with a boom, at the Picnic party.

Virtueel Platform hopes that HOT100 2009 will encourage the development of the creative ecology across the Netherlands. HOT100 is also a way to showcase some of the young media talent to the more established players in the cultural domain.

We believe that this new generation has a lot to offer, with a fresh look at socio-technical developments in e-culture. Finally, we have high expectations that the six workshops will come up with interesting ideas and solutions, and that the cultural sector will really benefit from the input of bright young people who are from the first generation to have known digital media and the Internet for their whole lives. It's their future, after all.

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