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The New Explorers - Guide to Dutch Digital Culture

Our international publications and research on new media, digital culture and policy.

The New Explorers Guide to Dutch Digital Culture (December 2012)
The New Explorers Guide offers a clear overview of the mayor players in the field of digital art and culture in the Netherlands. Get in touch with over 150 organisations, categorised in media labs, media festivals and game companies.
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Born Digital Artworks in The Netherlands (April 2012)
Study of DEN, SMBK, NIMk and Virtueel Platform on Born Digital Artworks in modern art museums. The publication is in Dutch and has a 7-page English summary (starting from p65). Read more and download

Ownership in the Hybrid City (February 2012)
This study explores the concept of ownership as a design approach for the contemporary city. Digital media technologies are becoming increasingly influential in daily urban life. Commissioned by Virtueel Platform, written by Martijn de Waal and Michiel de Lange from The Mobile City.
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Mapping Mediafestivals (January 2012)
Mapping Mediafestivals provides an overview of 23 mediafestivals in The Netherlands and an analysis of the field. The publication features four festival directors who talk about the field itself, the unique experience a mediafestival can offer, and the role a festival has in creating awareness of technology in society for its visitors.
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Practice to Policy: International Perspectives on the Policy Implicatoins of a Cultural Sector in Transition (July 2011)
‚ÄčThis book examines the changing nature of the cultural sector in relation to electronic and digital technology and the consequences for policy. It was compiled by Virtueel Platform as part of the Practice to Policy series.
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Virtueel Platform Research: Archiving the Digital (May 2011)
In this Virtueel Platform Research, Virtueel Platform takes the online software art repository Runme.org, the internet based-art commissioning and exhibition platform Turbulence.org, and the electronic art preservation research project AktiveArchive as cases for exploring the different ways organisations deal with the preservation of software and internet-based artworks.
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Virtueel Platform Research: Blast Theory (May 2011)
The UK based artist group Blast Theory (established in the early 1990s) is an exemplary model for examining a transdisciplinary working process. The research by Virtueel Platform and context for this case study focusses on Blast Theory as a group and their own experience of collaboration with partners. Authors: Annet Dekker with Rachel Somers-Miles , edited by Rachel Feuchtwang.
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Archive2020: Sustainable Archiving of Born Digital Content (June 2010)
Blogs, games, online artworks and other born-digital material is bound to get lost due to browser updates and new operating systems. In Archive 2020 the most urgent problems are discussed and a plea for sustainable archiving of art and culture is made.
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Virtueel Platform Research: The Patching Zone (September 2010)
Dutch transdisciplinary laboratory The Patching Zone has the role of catalyser during the preliminary phase of innovation and during the process of transformation within or between organisations or neighbourhoods. The aim of this Virtueel Platform Research is to investigate to what degree innovation takes place in relation to the transdisciplinary work process and if the procedures followed in the project can be remodelled for other practices?
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Navigating E-culture, Mapping E-culture, Walled Garden (June 2009)
Virtueel Platform presents E-Culture, published in 3 parts.Together these three books give an overview of the breadth of e-culture in the Netherlands and abroad.
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Paralelo: Unfolding Narratives in Art, Technology and Environment (March 2009)
The Paralelo publication is the result of a call for papers issued by the editorial group to the 45 participants of the Paralelo workshop held in Sao Paulo in March 2009.
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Uncommon Ground (January 2007)
The Uncommon Ground book investigates the new culture of collaboration which emerged from recent developments in which areas of art and design have creatively fused with media and technology.
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