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Our Activities

Panorama HOT100 2010 (foto: Virtueel Platform)

Virtueel Platform, part of The New Institute, promotes Dutch e-culture and is active in international new media culture networks.

Virtueel Platform, part of The New Institute, focuses on supporting developers of innovative digital media projects. We do this through:

  • promoting knowledge exchange (expertmeetings, workshops, publications)
  • organising debate and promoting awareness of new developments (research papers, conferences, website)
  • documenting and analysing new projects (Best Practice)
  • encouraging young talent from the higher education sector (the Hot 100 events)
  • spearheading advocacy within the cultural policy field but also in relation to economy, industry and education, nationally and internationally (Practice to Policy)
  • showcasing Dutch talent abroad
  • funding international visitors to share their expertise with the Dutch sector (Foreign Visitors Programme)

Many of these activities are explained in more detail in the other sections of this page. A few highlights:

E-culture Fair Dortmunder U

E-culture Fair 2010
Following two successful Fairs in Amsterdam in the past, Virtueel Platform teamed up in 2010 with Flemish (BAM) and German (NRW Medienwerk) partners to organise the E-culture Fair in Dortmund at ISEA2010. The fair comprised an exhibition, presentations and an open art lab. The projects came from Research and Developmen in colleges and universities, from creative businesses and experimental labs.

Fostering new Dutch talent: HOT100
The HOT100 brings together the crème de la crème of the Dutch art academies, universities and universities of applied science in the fields of design, theory, communication or development skills. These talented students will soon be working or have recently started working in the new media sector. We believe that this new generation has a lot to offer, with a fresh look at socio-technical developments in e-culture.

Starting in 2007, each year these talents are presented at the international PICNIC festival where they are inspired by lectures from experts such as Seb Chan (Sydney Powerhouse Museum), Anab Jain (Superflux) and Rachel Armstrong (former TED speaker).

Showcasing Dutch talent abroad: Designing the Hybrid City
A conference whereby artists, media and interface designers, mobile application makers, urban developers, architects and researchers from the Netherlands and China were asked to give shape to the 21st century in fresh and unexpected ways. Virtueel Platform and The Mobile City called attention to the growing influence of mobile technology on urban life.

Publications and Research
Virtueel Platform works with an international network of experts on e-culture research and publications. On our website you can download important policy agendas and our publications.