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The New Explorers Guide to Dutch Digital Culture


The New Explorers - Guide to Dutch Digital Culture

— The New Explorers offers a clear overview of the major players in the field of digital art and culture in the Netherlands. Get in touch with over 150 organisations, categorised in media labs, media festivals and game companies.

The New Explorers - Guide to Dutch Digital Culture offers an excellent starting point for making new connections. Any of these media labs, gaming companies or media festivals can become your possible gateway into our vibrant digital culture.In today’s world, creativity knows no borders. People are mobile and visit other cultures to find local expertise, new angles and ways of enriching creative processes. In this perspective, many people keep a keen eye on Dutch digital creativity.

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The New Explorers - Guide to Dutch Digital Culture will get you in touch with:

Media labs are the studios and research laboratories of our contemporary society. These are spaces where artists, digital specialists, scientists and theoreticians, 'geeks' and media producers work side by side to reflect and create the latest technological developments. Their main aim is to achieve sustainable social and artistic innovation. In this way, these spaces make a considerable contribution to the growth of the creative industries, and to the renewal of society in general.

Gaming companies take the emerging digital creativity to another level. They mix technical, design-related and expressive possibilities into new forms that reach wide audiences. In the past decade, this field has grown rapidly, and now includes various well-known international players that punch far above their weight.

Media festivals have increasingly become areas where a wider audience is or can be confronted with these cutting-edge expressive explorations and the larger questions they pose. The media festivals have become the new museums, presenting and preserving media works and offering education on the subject, while also delighting the wider audience with the possibilities of computation in novel ways.

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