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Verslag Winter Camp '09


— Wintercamp ’09 was een evenement georganiseerd door het Institute of Network Cultures van 3 t/m 7 maart 2009 in Amsterdam.

Het evenement bestond uit een vierdaags programma van werksessies en plenaire presentaties, voor welke twaalf bestaande netwerken waren uitgenodigd om te werken aan specifieke actuele onderwerpen.

Winter Camp ’09 was an event organized by the Institute of Network Cultures, which took place 3-7 march 2009 in Amsterdam. The event consisted of a four-day program of workspaces and plenary presentations, in which twelve existing networks were invited to work on specific current topics.

This network get together was also meant to provide the opportunity for these networks to gather in real life, conspire, discuss, and make the necessary steps forward. A Winter Camp Meta-group was formed to reflect on the Winter Camp project, and the network dynamics that unfolded during the event. Their reflections, and documentations can be found on the Winter Camp blog.


Below you will find a listing of the attending networks, with a short description, and a link to the report of their final day presentation.

The Blender Foundation is an independent organization (a Dutch “stichting”), acting as a non-profit public benefit corporation. They are the developers of Blender, an open source software package for 3D modeling, animation, rendering, post-production, and gaming.
Blender Final day presentation at Winter Camp ’09

Bricolabs is a distributed network for global and local development of generic infrastructures incrementally developed by communities.
Bricolabs Final day presentation at Winter Camp ’09

Creative Labour
Creative Labour is an offshoot of the Euromayday network, a predominantly European network that mobilizes around the first of may as a day to reclaim rights for the new generations growing up under a new, flexible labour regime and in a European context where welfare entitlements are on the decline.
Creative Labour’s Final day presentation at Winter Camp ’09 is a grassroots network of hackers developing and publishing Free Software since the year 2000, with the aim of empowering more people with new media technologies, developing free digital tools for the arts, for the freedom of expression and to protect people’s privacy. Final day presentation at Winter Camp ’09

Edu-factory is a transnational mailing-list for discussion of transformations to the university, the production of knowledge and forms of conflict ( About 500 militants, students and researchers have participated since the beginning of 2007. Rejecting the notion that networks necessarily institute horizontal and spontaneous relations, they proceed with the view that networks must be organized if they are to operate as political spaces.
Edu-factory Final day presentation at Winter Camp ’09

Floss Manuals
The FLOSS Manuals network makes free software more accessible by providing clear documentation that accurately explains their purpose and use.
Floss Manuals Final day presentation at Winter Camp ’09

Free-Dimensional is an international network of community art spaces, which as a whole acts as an incubator for practical, creative solutions to contemporary human rights issues.
Free-Dimensional Final day presentation at Winter Camp ’09

The Genderchangers is a group of women originating in the ASCII hack lab in Amsterdam. The main aim of the initiative is to get more women interested in information technology and the principal of universal interoperability of systems.
Genderchangers Final day presentation at Winter Camp ’09

GOTO10 is an international collective of artists, focused on the new artistic practices linked to the integration of open networks and free culture in digital arts.
GOTO10 Final day presentation at Winter Camp ’09

The Microvolunteerism Project is a fresh and exiting new international network dedicated to creating both a technological and social framework for the crowdsourcing of volunteer work.
Microvolunteerism Final day presentation at Winter Camp ’09 

MyCreativity is a network of researchers, artists, activists and policy-makers that critically engage with the creative industries field.
MyCreativity Final day presentation at Winter Camp ’09

Upgrade! is an international, emerging network of autonomous nodes, 30 nodes at present time, united by art, technology, and a commitment to bridging cultural divides.
Upgrade! Final day presentation at Winter Camp ’09



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