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Meet the HOT100 2008


HOT100 polsbandjes

— Virtueel Platform presents videos of the cream of the crop of Dutch e-culture talent, the Hot100. These talents will also meet at the Hot100 meeting at PICNIC '08.

‚ÄčMieke Vullings and Naomi Schiphorst are two architects that have created a brilliant website to map architectural highlights all over the world. They had to warm up a bit at first, but now they are totally hot! Don't miss them at the Hot100.

Rene Derks is a project manager at W!Games Studio in Amsterdam. He is fascinated with organizational creativity and learning. Help him go to Tokyo Games show in a couple of weeks. Enjoy the last video and have a great Hot100 day!

Lisa Dalhuijsen is a graphic designer, a.o., and is studying Media Technology at the Leiden University. She expects to meet inspiring people at the Hot100 and also people who think internet is not the most important in the world.

Sarah van Hecken, experience brander. She was one of the first students of the minor Experience Branding (part of Communication & Multimedia Design of Hogeschool Rotterdam), wherein digital mediaproducts are envisaged as part of a consumer's meaningful brand experience. Currently, she works at IN10 Communication. Created by Marloes Veldhuizen.

Lable. According to their website, it's quite hard to define Lable in one page, but when we read that Lable visualizes 'patterns to give people awareness on what is happening around them. We do so with digital intuitive interfaces on old and new media but also by creating new patterns in the analogue world', we've come pretty close to what is going on in the minds of Jurriaan, Riekus and Martin (three of Lable's members). So, if you're interested in their work, their vision for the future and views on e-culture, check out the video! Created by Marloes Veldhuizen.

Ernst-Jan Pfauth, pro-blogger for (a.o.) The Next Web, Spotlight Effect (Dutch Bloggies award winner) and his own blog Created by Marloes Veldhuizen.



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